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This is a list of Chemistry tutors in Vaughan - 72 tutors found.
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Chantelle Abdulla
Tutor Rating: not rated
Individual Lesson Fee: $20 - $30
A well educated university student who is looking to help other students reach their goals and potentials. - tutor profile
Muhannad Kazzazi
Tutor Rating: not rated
Individual Lesson Fee: $20 - $30
I have a Bachelor of Science, specialty: Chemistry, from York University. I'm able to explain subjects for grade 11 and 12 Chemistry in a professional manner - tutor profile
Tutor Rating: not rated
Individual Lesson Fee: $20 - $30
I can help you:
- Homework support
- Assignment help
- Practice for test
Subject: Math, Physics, Chemistry tutoring for ALL elementary and high school levels - tutor profile
Shayne Farhadpour
Tutor Rating: not rated
Individual Lesson Fee: $20 - $30
Friendly, knowledgable and patient, with experience tutoring students from grades 1-12 in Math, French, Biology, Chemistry, and Economics. I provide extended help with understanding the curriculum, homework essays, speeches, labs, and presentations. Proficient in English, French, and Farsi - tutor profile
Eric Daigle
Tutor Rating: not rated
Individual Lesson Fee: $20 - $30
I am a student at McMaster University, starting my masters program in engineering physics this September. I have been a tutor for 6 years, both privately and through McMaster for high school and university level classes. This summer I am looking for additional students near Richmond Hill. - tutor profile
Yaso Bala
Tutor Rating: not rated
Individual Lesson Fee: $20 - $35
I hold a Pharmacy Degree and am highly experienced in tutoring Science, Chemistry & Biology to High School (Ontario Curriculum and IB) & University students. - tutor profile
Saba Azimi
Tutor Rating: not rated
Individual Lesson Fee: $20 - $35
I have more than 5 years of experience teaching and tutoring chemistry, math , Biology etc high school and University level. I am a MEng master of engineering graduate of UofT and am very patient and willing to assist ones in need. - tutor profile
Ariel T
Tutor Rating: not rated
Individual Lesson Fee: $20 - $35
I am a second year student studying Mechatronic engineer at The University of Western Ontario. I have always excelled in maths, science, physics and technology in school, graduating with honours, and love tutoring kids to help guide them to the answer. - tutor profile
Arpit Chhabra
Tutor Rating: 2 reviews
Individual Lesson Fee: $24 - $35
UofT graduate, Private Tutor with over 4 years' experience.
Willing to travel to your home for one-on-one tutoring.
SCIENCE: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Physiology, Psychology
MATH: Algebra, Functions, Calculus, Geometry, Statistics
ENGLISH: writing/editing, grammar, literature - tutor profile
Syed Hassan
Tutor Rating: not rated
Individual Lesson Fee: $25 - $35
Grade 1-12 and University Level Math ,Physics and Chemistry
Contact us for other locations in libraries and at my place
Central Library near Square one G.TA/Dhuram Region Ajax.Pickring/GTA/Mississauga/
East Mall/West Mall/Brampton/Milton
/Oakville/Halton Region - tutor profile

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From Wikipedia
Chemistry is the science of matter and the changes it undergoes... about chemistry

Organic chemistry is a subdiscipline within chemistry involving the scientific study of the structure, properties, composition, reactions, and preparationof carbon-based compounds, hydrocarbons... about organic chemistry

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